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Lunatic-Eclipse is an Austria-based event promotion and booking agency mainly for alternative music and erotic livestyle events.

For more than 10 years I’m organizer and promoter for clubbings, concerts and special-interest parties in Austria and CEE. My focus lies on the dark alternative music scene as well as fetish & BDSM parties. I’ve been responsible for 60+ events (like Lounge Noire, Fête Bizarre, GothiCrossover, Electronic Fallout, Nacht#Front) and over 100 actors/actresses on concerts and smaller festivals (like the Schattenwelt Festival, ElectriCentrope Tour, EBM Reunion and the Dark Carinthia Festival).



  • hosting of events & concerts
  • professional aid with promotion of concerts and events
  • grafic & layout design for your advertising
  • creation and/or vectorising of your band or company logo
  • support with distribution of CDs and band merch
  • backline service for concerts and DJ clubbings
  • international promotion support focused on Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and south-east Germany (Bavaria)
  • aid with contract law for bands as well as international tax regulations
  • funding of concerts, tours or special events

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some of our past events:


List of placed bands since 2013 (never complete):

  • 4:25twins (AT)
  • A7IE (Fr)
  • Accessory (D)
  • AD:Key (D)
  • Agonoize (DE)
  • Akalotz (D)
  • Amandas Nadel (A)
  • BamBamHara (D)
  • Black Nail Cabaret (HU)
  • Blutengel (D)
  • C-Lekktor (Mex)
  • Dark Side Eons (Pol)
  • Das Ich (De)
  • Diary of Dreams (D)
  • Dope Stars Inc (I)
  • Eden Synthetic Corps ESC (P)
  • ES23 (De)
  • Exit to Eden (A)
  • Enter and Fall (D)
  • Frozen Plasma (D)
  • Ginger Snap5 (Ukr)
  • Grausame Töchter (D)
  • Gunmaker (Hu)
  • H.EXE (Pol)
  • Head-Less (D)
  • In Strict Confidence (D)
  • Jäger 90 (De)
  • Kult of Red Pyramid (Cro)
  • Lacrimas Profundere (D)
  • L’âme Immortelle
  • Leæther Strip (Dan)
  • Muscles on the Move (AT)
  • Omnimar (Rus)
  • Plague Called Humanity (CZ)
  • Psycholies (I)
  • PULSE (A)
  • SadoSato (A)
  • Schramm (D)
  • Sharon Next (A)
  • SITD (D)
  • Solar Fake (D)
  • Solitary Experiments (D)
  • Strong Product (Rus)
  • Sturm Café (Swe)
  • Suicide Commando (B)
  • System 84 (A)
  • The Beauty of Gemina (CH)
  • Torul (Slo)
  • Ultranoire (Hu)
  • Velvet Acid Christ (USA)
  • Xanthippe (A)

Event Management, Booking & Promotion for Dark Alternative Music & Lifestyle

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